Friday, April 08, 2016


Simple slogans don't work

With Donald Trump striking fear into every thinking person in the West,  it's time to stand back and ask  "How did we get here?"

We got here because of lots of simple slogans going back even premillennial ,
-- to postmodern rejection of judgement and hate and acceptance of the heresy of the sentimental no sin blindness of tolerance .
We have a choice NOW to reject it properly OR  live with more of its disastrous  consequences. .

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Monday, March 07, 2016


Progressing beyond belief

From the mountains of interdependency to the dead flat territory of the desert of super efficiency ;and myopic commitments and dependency ;
---where the machines keep running but men lie dying and exhausted trying to keep up .

I don't like to say this, as I hope for better from the Conservatives,  but Malcolm Turnbull and some of his team have no idea , The wreckage that will come from their overly simple but super confident corporate approach to problem solving is yet to arrive ---but come it must ,
In convincing themselves that  government is business and best government is modelled on business,  they deny the brilliant and much more balanced legacy they and we inherited from way back .

Both parties and their dumb and blind progressive toting ideologues are rushing headlong down the same cul de sac ; blissfully unaware of the fact that they die together in the competition rush to the same end , neither party realises it could find new life if their policies weren't so blessedly equal. ; so equally simplistic .They have no idea that mere efficiency can destroy resilience

I couldn't bear to watch Minister Cash enthusiastically trot out so much business speak on Womans International day , Sure what she said works in a business tower but not where babies are born and where poverty pushes all men to be slaves for each other , In that real world we live in , there will always be inflexibility and gun toting exceptions ,Chair swapping - a game you play when the table is empty and the business of the day doesn't matter, How productive are those offices ?
It won't surprise the real economists amongst us that we may have defined the ideal working conditions in the world,  but have  no work or people willing to work through them ,

 Life is not legislated good;  its made good by freedom to innovate . Oh I know she has all the words right there , but Humpty will fall and God help us if the next person just assumes its their job to just glue the pieces together again,  Rewatch UTOPIA - the properly trained people walk out eventually

I am sure many warmed to her clear enthusiasm for the  way forward ---popular  amongst chatterers for now a very long time. She like Malcolm is quite wrong on a number of fronts ,Shes firing hard,  but missing the targets.
  1. To really achieve the goal of gender equality requires men or institutions to do things they are not naturally good at. You can't have it both ways- either you have the  one efficient sucking machine or you have the full  milking machinery .The idea of 50 % of women in leadership requires men to do something badly and woman to give up on doing something that , if we thought about it , we all want them both  to do to their very best,
    There is no economy if there is no family , There is no brain or diversity if  we swap it for the monocultural madness of mathematical equality. Strange, child sacrificing gods some people have .
  2. As anyone who is a real scientist knows , You don't , like the corporation rely on the weight of facts before you decide how to solve problems. This silly shallow subscience explains a lot of the lack of momentum in government , Mere facts  just weigh you down

    .They know what they want but like so many self appointed CEOs they don't really know how to get there . Cash wants,  like most of her kind,  to make a lasting difference but will compromise on getting there by not cutting cleanly when it counts .   Moving on so fast she probably won't even notice where/when things quite predictably go wrong, 

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Monday, February 22, 2016


The determinists are getting fanatical

The determinists are getting fanatical
Resist them AS  they are inflating their effectiveness and will eventually fall foul of the people who now still pay them -- but get naught satisfaction .

They are desperate enough to do stupid things like trying to control what people say ; what teachers are allowed to say in schools and what stories kids are allowed to hear at school. Overseas they want to put up walls (TRUMP ) so they don't have to expose themselves to dialogue

Secular determinism is failing even though its a dominant faith in media and the new public service ( the private worship service as UTOPIA shows ,
For all their efforts at OUR expense there MO is not working. Its not working cause it doesn't really allow CHOICE . As even Chris Ulmann ABC said last week Free speech is at RISK

-The advocates of equality deny diversity .Their view is blinkered.
-They can't have it both ways ,unless they want to play party game pedants for the rest of their lives . I have other things to do
-When they are true to their own view of "natures way"= diversity, hormones .physiology ( XX, XY ) i will start taking the reactionaries seriously . We might even get to a level of discussion which involves choice and self control and discuss their own stumbling block called physiological determinism ...or whatever they want it to be this week

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Sunday, November 29, 2015


When education policy is a house of cards

That mess of intrigue ( House of Cards)  mimics reality by centring its very loose spokes around Education ,   The self centred person  and potential tyrant is best to capitalize on all the careless talk and use the mushy stupidity of the words to be ahead in the word game. Twin yo must be a realist - the words are only a vehicle and they keep changing ;Those who dn't face that will be left behind .    Trying to get kids to learn has to be the hardest and toughest of beasts - so where do we take it?
One other area which illustrates our need we to change direction is in areas where  current idealism works least to help us solve real world problems; the area of " The environment " and  healthcare  We need to go back and look at the prevention method ( old but good way ) , The progressives will continue to waste their and our time and money if they don't. To win you have to be one step ahead of the progressives - tis not hard .

A letter I sent to the PM today

" I am a doubly qualified degree lifetime practicing ecologist helping economically stressed producers  make sound ecological decisions. We  share the responsibility for taking  real world risk management advice daily and I have done it for decades . I am very good at it . 
My problem is that noone trains such people any more ; and as Laura Tingle said last week ( Aust Fin Review)  , this undigestable mix of red tape you pay for  has something to do with how you think--- or more pointedly,  how you don't think .
Something to do with how you idealize degrees and qualifications and down play experience ;something to do with how you compartmentalize  ;  you end up giving everybody in the system a task but no way of coordinating them . Called market based determinism and it is a bit blindsided -  a one sized fits all kind of recipe that has a minor role in the real world; Its efficient in a way but overly expensive and therefore ineffective in another way . It drives you all to make decisions but not necessarily sound well rounded eco decisions.  

Your alternative is to continue as you are and be laughed at as  in UTOPIAABC   or cried over ( by those who want our children to not just accumulate qualifications) because of , not just your incompetence,  but your unwillingness to innovate and overcome evil with metanoia. 
In simple terms , I know that government agencies can again provide risk management advice - not just duckshove it like you do now .   " Take advice or lose control of the situation yet again .To those who see through your game and how shallow it is .

PS Would you like me to send this note to the opposition? " 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Half right is NOT good enough

Like Yes minister polys watch UtopiaABC without really getting it . Half right is not right 
Unfortunately I heard our new PM Malcolm Turnbull utter the silly shallow condemnation of the past in one of his first speeches. What's old should not always been thrown out !

Yes I know new technology should be sought, but as CSIRO and Finkel have also reminded us, we need people to study basic sciences to KNOW which technologies of the future will be ones we should BUILD ON/ leave behind -- More money is wasted by polys in supporting experiments THEY think are important than ones WE think and KNOW are critical to clever Country . Many of my family are innovators - all areas of industry are NOT the same 

We don't need polys second guessing the future and basing their hopes on some simple faith in next week and "progress" - look at the rubbish pile our current culture generates ( where is real conservation ?) and look what UTOPIA ABC is saying bout the dictates from on high .
 Those who do not study the past are condemned to repeat it , Careers are only achieved by commitment and we have less and less people in them despite all the people going to universities .L
let us properly get on with our jobs - mentor others to do them. 
Malcolm Turnbull is misguided in thinking and saying the future is always in the new - how much does he really know about the hard slog of real progress in science ; the teamwork required by studying what past says and mentoring young people in jobs that are no longer there because " something new is better" He is a follower not an innovator in this mistaken point he makes . 
Effective Innovation  based as it is on people now long dead or sick of applying for grants from Canberra name callers 

We don't need more clones of crystal clear simplicities like Lehman( Utopia) 
If you don't get this - you aren't a scientist.  DO not try to speak for us ask us and act on our more promising view of the possibilities 

These things ( not this model) still are main efficient way of supplying water to our dairy industry  many others have been tried 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


How wise are we really?

Jonathonan Holmes laments our inertia but clearly doesn't understand it .  SMH and Age articles today 

Chesterton observed that
 if you adopt a low view of man ( cf Imagedeo) you become committed to a high view of government .Huxley ( Brave New World ), Shaw ,Orwell ( 1984) and Chesterton wrote nearly 100 years ago in the hope of warning us to avoid these days. We "don't blink an eye "because , as Chesterton observed about the broader western culture in early 1900's,we are no longer feisty about anything --having pulled down everything" .We now pay increasing numbers of people to"tell us what we need to know. " - which sort of means we allow ourselves to be treated like children (One of feisty old Nietzsche's few worries )
As Chesterton also indicated, if you adopt a low view of man ( post christian reality- ImageoDeo ) we are , as idealists, committed to a high view of mother and father government . M&D government is a terrible indictment of our history and the sense of freedom offered to US by our forefathers. We won over the Romans and the Greeks - we might need to do it again
On Anzac Day, give your brothers back their freedom- all over the world from whatever race. Forgive, give and don't try to tell people how to live .

Polys would do well to ask questions about Labor dumb view of science which is symbolic of a bigger problem of perception . The trouble that thinking YOU the smart arse KNOWS what FULL story of science says  see also

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Get it right the first time

At the heart of the West's success is , and always will be  a commitment to" getting it right " : not just half doing things ,but cutting to very little waste .Productivity is the margin  you get if you don't waste too much in the process.  
Use the word sin  cause its nothing personal and goes straight to the productivity issue. 
It was clear to me having grown up in the organisation that invented Landcare that half the stuff that State and Commonwealth heads were selling  as empowering methodologies were actually incomplete and quite ineffective . In its infancy at the time , the profession of resilience training was being undermined by its own advocates .The baby was being thrown out with the bath water - ask your local politician "where in the clever country you can study reslilience development" . Be warned there will plenty soon to say they can . 
You may not always be able to tell the truth as a poly but it sure helps to be ahead of the debate - the pathetic and backward adherence to the Politically correct.   You herad it first from Emperor's academy 11may 2012

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